Australian Medical Association concern over plastic surgery procedures trending online

PLASTIC surgeons are streaming graphic live videos online and posting intimate images of patients on social media in a controversial bid to boost their patient numbers.

The trend has been slammed by the Australian Medical Association, which says there are serious ethical issues despite patients agreeing to let the doctors post graphic images on social media of their body being sliced open.

Bella Vista plastic surgeon Eddy Dona has been sharing his surgical operations on Snapchat since September, and the bloody videos have raked in thousands of views.

“Snapchat takes everything to a whole new level as far as educating the patient,” Dr Dona said.

“Of course it’s a marketing thing and part of branding and it’s good for business. But if you do it badly it’s bad for business, you’re completely exposed,” he said.

Snapchat is free of the more restrictive nudity policies that govern Facebook and Instagram.

Dr Dona said he was inspired to take to Snapchat by cosmetic surgeons in the US.



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